The body has the answer

Restore event I

“Our 10-year-old daughter Emma finally embarked on her desire to enrol in a women’s football school. She started training immediately with lots of enthusiasm. However, after about a month she began to limp due to the pain in the right knee. After clinical investigations, ultrasound scans and visits to a sport’s doctor, it was confirmed that she suffered from Osgood-Schlatter syndrome or osteochondritis of the anterior tibia apophasis, which is a degenerative process borne by the tibia tuberosity. For this syndrome the requirement is absolute rest until the inflammation’s resolution, ice applications a couple of times a day and using a medical knee brace to reduce the strain; the pathology ‘s duration varies from 3 to 9 months. For about a month and a half Emma suspended every workout at both the training field and school, she wore the brace and had ice applications every day. During this period, the pain associated with inflammation decreased but not disappeared. A couple of weeks ago Emma was Kinesiologically balanced by her auntie Barbara to see if she could help with the problem, let alone solve it. Since the day of that treatment the pain has completely gone. From the diagnosis to today it’s been less than 2 months and Emma had her first training session without pain”. Annalisa e Pietro

“I have seen Barbara as my Kinesiologist personally several times and have been stunned by her accuracy in determining what is going on for me with regard to my general health and more specifically, the impact of my life and eating habits on my internal organs and emotions.  I have as a result taken a number of my clients – both children and adults for sessions with Barbara and what her assessments have revealed have been nothing short of astounding.  She has named issues with each, about which she knew absolutely nothing, in the greatest detail and her recommendations for rectifying health imbalances, have produced amazing results.  She helped one of my  young clients to return to full health and to school full time, in just three weeks, when she had been unable to go to school for much of the previous 8 months and the hospitals could not work out how to help her get better.  I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara to any of my clients, friends or family. She has a wonderful way with people of all ages and is genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of whatever might be going on for each and then making really helpful recommendations for healing any issues she has unearthed.  She cares, genuinely, for each and every client. Even my GP is now interested to follow her work with me, because she has been so surprised by her accurate findings.  Can’t say better than that.”  Tana M.

“Barbara is a fantastic therapist. Professional yet  she manages to put you  at ease straight away. Her knowledge is outstanding. After my treatment with her my health has improved, I sleep better and have more energy. I would thoroughly recommend anyone have  a session with her.” Lorraine W.

“I started seeing Barbara for kinesiology after moving home and discontinuing from another kinesiologist. And boy am I glad I did!
Barbara is not only an expert in her field but has also become a friend. Her gentle manner along with her firm confidence in her ability makes every session a pleasure and she has opened up so many different emotions and paths for me to follow and explore. I have let go of some emotions, discovered some I didn’t even know I had and expanded my own consciousness to not only get to know myself better but to be more emphatic to others – Barbara’s work has helped with this enormously and I will continue to carry on seeing her through this soul journey discovery.  She is a warm and loving energy bundle and gives far more than she receives.
True insight is a humbling thing and Barbara is a living example of this – thank you for your ongoing help!. ” Raman S.

“Barbara is a wonderfully compassionate and intuitive practitioner who through her skill and wisdom listens to what the body is telling her and manifests  sustainable and meaningful change, my body responded as if by magic, highly recommend and thank you 🙏.”  Helen G.

“Barbara is a wonderful person which helps to make her an even better practitioner. She works with heartfelt care for helping her clients and improving their health and wellbeing. She has a way of checking in using her intuition and Kinesiology skill set to create personalised sessions with flexibility, relaxation and powerful outcomes. If she feels something else could assist in helping you she makes genuine recommendations too which is very helpful. Thank you for all your support.” Skevi N.

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