Be Kind and Positive and Reap the Benefits

We hear from multiple sources about the importance of self-care. According to different forums “self care is the actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf of and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, wellbeing or wellness.

Self-care seems to be the “trend” of 2018 and some people are using this term as a sweeping statement to cover hot-baths, beauty routines and indulgent meals. But we need to think about what self-care means to us personally, as individuals. We are biologically different so our needs also differ but self-care starts with a personal and conscious choice of wanting to live a more balanced and healthy life.

Big changes are not achieved overnight, but from one day to the other – it takes time and commitment, but you can be assured that big changes can happen and are achieved with small steps every day. For example, self-care may be about making time to keeping your body moving so your small step one day maybe deciding to walk up the stairs instead of taking a lift.

In my clinic I have noticed that almost everyone is willing to implement changes in their diet, physical activities, taking supplements or switching off the WiFi at night. However, if self-care means taking some time to meditate and I ask them to take time to sit, allowing themselves just to do nothing, I almost always receive this answer: “I do not know how to do that.”

Many people tend to feel guilty if they take time off away from their daily routines and activities. I believe this guilt is the result of living in a fast pasting and demanding society. Unfortunately our society does not teach us that health cannot be achieved with healthy diet and exercise alone. We are bombarded with messages that tell us to eat certain foods and exercise a certain way, but even if we follow all of this we can still be unwell and imbalanced.

It is essential that we learn to stop, sit down and allow ourselves to get in touch with our soul. At the start it is one of the most difficult exercises to do – we are almost scared to listen to our needs in case we find something we do not like about ourselves. However, as I always tell my clients, it is the most empowering moment in our life. There is nothing to be scared of because we all have faults as well as amazing gifts within us. Yes, from a personal experience it is hard to sit with pain, fears, anxiety but the reward is beyond recognition.

Until we acknowledge that the body and mind and soul are one it will be very difficult to live a balanced and healthy life. Caring about our wellbeing – be it physical, mental and spiritual self-care, is actually self-responsibility, for ourselves but also to those that love us.

Self-love and being self-caring is not indulgent but a sign of strength. If you want to take the step to live a more balanced life, but feel overwhelmed with how to start, please get in touch and find out how I can help you along this journey.


Emotion, the Body and Wellbeing

emotional health


I have spoken before about the mind and body link: we are a spirit, which is separated from the body. The spirit communicates with the mind. The mind communicates with the physical brain. The brain communicates with the body. So it is clear that everything is connected and can impact each element of us, particularly our physical, mental and spiritual health.

It is now widely acknowledged that a large percentage of our illnesses are stress-related – stress has been implicated as a major factor for heart conditions, depression and rheumatoid arthritis and more. Of course it is important to know and address what causes the stress in our lives. You can see my blog post all about stress here

Much of the stress in our lives is actually as a result of unresolved emotional issues. Even if we are not aware of these unresolved emotions; they release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that can have a detrimental affect on our body.

Emotions can and do get trapped in the cells of our body – they can take many years to reveal.

We experience emotions with every activity we undertake. It can be the response to a particular situation such as fear if we are involved in an accident or extreme joy for an achievement. Sometimes, seemingly insignificant incidents may have caused a subconscious response that we might not even aware of.

Did you know that both conscious and subconscious memories could be linked the emotional response to events in our life? At time we are aware of what trigger an emotion for example, a song on the radio that we associate with a particular event. Other times a sudden sense of depression is triggered, for which there is no clear conscious trigger – usually because there is in-fact a subconscious trigger linked to a past event.

Our bodies are not machines that can just keep on going through long periods of stresses without any affect. It is often not until we stop that the body can then be given the space and time to show its imbalance through symptoms, which we need to listen to.

I always say “the body has the answer” and when I treat a client, I look at all aspects of a person – including the emotional aspects. When I am able to identify emotional blockages often the client knows what emotional stressor is affecting him/her, particularly it a present situation that their body is responding to. Other times are past emotions or traumas or at time they may be unsure what it could be. Lately, I found myself helping client clearing emotions that are present from when they were carried in the womb! Or there have been occasions where we have found it is an emotion that it has carried down through generations in the bloodline.

I have even found that the person is carrying emotions that are not actually their own but maybe of a partner, a parent and/or a siblings.

It is very difficult to determine the full impact of unresolved emotions. There is so much to discover. But when they are identified balance can be regained.

For me, it is a privilege to help my clients understand how much a particular emotion has impacted them, whether consciously or subconsciously, and it is highly rewarding for them experiencing the feeling after the emotions have been addressed and taken to conscious mind and dealt with.

If you believe you may have unresolved emotions impacting your wellbeing or if you are suffering with physical symptoms and are unable to gain relief please do get in touch to find out how Kinesiology can help you.