Geopathic stress – the link between Earth energy and our well-being

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Geopathic Stress

I trained for 3 years as a Kinesiologist to research holistic health in treating the body. This combines the interaction of nutrition, emotions, the physical body and the flow of electrical energy through Chinese acupuncture meridians.  This informed further study into subtle electronic and magnetic flows of the earth’s energies and the implications for people and places. This gave me an understanding of earth acupuncture, geomancy and Feng Shui; culminating in a new type of architecture and the ability to clear geopathic stress.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is the relationship between the earth energies and people’s wellbeing. ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth ‘or ‘land’ and ‘Pathic’ means ‘suffering’. However, the earth also emits positive energies and has many sweet spots.

The earth has electromagnetic currents that flow around the globe, many are underground and emit outwards, although you cannot see the currents. Do you remember the experiment of a magnet under a piece of paper and metal filings? The filings are attracted to the magnetic currents and form lines.

Disruption of the energy lines can be caused by movements of the earth’s crust, flowing through minerals and human generated electro / magnetic fields. These influences can disrupt the emission to cause a negative effect on health.

The natural currents can be affected by:

  • Underground water courses running above the electric lines.
  • Mineral deposits in the ground
  • Fractures in the substratum of the ground
  • Human generated electro magnetic activity, e.g. electric pylons and underground cables

When the energy lines cross paths, this can also give off subtle toxicity. Spending time over a line or an intersection can affect health including: sleeplessness, illness, emotional disturbance, ailments, cancer and infertility.

Geopatic stress

Geopathic Stress and illness

Scientific studies have measured negative physical effects on the body, which include depletion of potassium, calcium and serotonin, as well as disruption to the electrical signalling between the brain and body. They found that geopathic stress decreases the body’s ability to handle toxins in food; bacteria; and atmospheric elements including lead and heavy metals; which weakens the body’s bio / electrical system.

Germany and Austria recognise the importance of geopathic stress and require a geopathic stress survey to accompany the sale of a house.

Balancing Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress that weakens the immune system can be detected by

  • testing the electrical resistance of the skin through kinesiology,
  • the use of magnetometers to measure variations in the earths electromagnetic currents at a geopathic location
  • dowsing with copper L shaped rods that react to the subtle variations in the emissions from the earth’s electromagnetic currents.

Case Study: a bad night’s sleep

A client had suffered 20 years of sleepless nights. He sought the advice of a kinesiologist who diagnosed that geopathic stress was a significant factor then referred him to me. My initial assessment with dowsing rods suggested that his home lay at the intersection of 2 earth energy current lines. The first line ran from south to north and was disrupted by several large industrial estates to the south. The second line ran from east to west across a railway line that also caused disruption. Both toxic lines intersected directly under the matrimonial bed. A third minor grid of disturbed lines ran diagonally thorough the house. Interestingly, his only place of rest and sleep was in the corner of the conservatory, where no lines were detected.

I balanced the emissions from the lines by using earth acupuncture and crystals.   Then I explained how their structural alterations to the house had also created some areas of subtle phycological discomfort that affected his ability to rest. These were addressed by Feng Shui techniques to harmonise the house. I also detected a sweet spot of energy in the garden, that coincidently was where he practiced yoga.

The client called next day to say he had his first good night’s sleep in his bed!



About the Author

Andre Sutherland is an architect with over 20 years’ experience and has worked for several internally renowned practices on projects from masterplans for London communities to a car park covered in plants.  He established his own private practice, Studio S Architects, to implement repairing the city through architecture. He is currently designing a thermal health spa in the countryside that allows the landscape to flow through the building and connect with the earth’s energies of land and water.

Through studying kinesiology and geomancy, Andre uses this knowledge to clear geopathic stress on all his sites and also works on existing buildings to balance the earth’s energies.