Food sensitivity test 

Our natural state is to be well and healthy. Our body is designed to heal itself. However, modern diet, stress, toxins and environmental pollution can undermine our healing potential and leave us open to various health complaints.

Food Sensitivity Testing – Do you suffer from digestive problems or low energy? Perhaps you have food intolerances or sensitivities. Many health complaints are caused or aggravated by food. Foods that are unbeneficial to the body can prevent the body from healing itself.

Kinesiology is used to pinpoint potential imbalances including food sensitivities. Furthermore, if you take any existing supplements they can be checked to see if they are suitable for you. Once established any imbalance using the Kinesiology techniques, additional supplements can be tested to see if they will aid you to redress these imbalances.

Kinesiology “muscle testing” is an effective tool for determining sensitivities. Results are immediate and testing is completely pain free. There is no need to remove any clothing. It is suitable for adults, children and babies.

In the natural health field the term Kinesiology is seen and used in a wider context, where muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. “Muscle testing” is used to detect various imbalances in the body that may relate to stress, nutrition, structural and emotions.

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Energy Healing in Systematic Kinesiology

Studying Systematic Kinesiology and Energy Healing has give me answers to many of my past health and emotional issues that nobody, including myself, could provide an explanation for. That has all changed when diagnosed with cancer in 2008. The signs were there, but I did not know how to read them. I am now realising, on this incredible journey of studying a powerful alternative medicine practice, that I may have been able to prevent this traumatic experience if I had only looked at my symptoms with a different attitude.

As I enjoyed my cup of coffee yesterday morning I sat reflecting on the fact that every single of one of us has the power to improve our life and health. But some choose not to. How is this possible? The answer can probably be found in one single word: Unawareness.

We are so used to living stressful lives; financial worries, long working hours, family needs and a very uncertain future. We forget that we have only one body and it all it asks is to be nurtured and loved so it can remain in its natural sate of healing. Who does not want to feel healthy and strong on a daily basis.

We can improve our life. But we must take small steps to achieve it; a walk in the park, meeting with friend or simply sitting down to read a book. This is not asking the impossible. It is a small gift to ourselves for fighting so our individual daily battles.

Systematic Kinesiology can help you reach your goals, help you to become stronger and enjoy life fully. It can help and support you emotionally and physically as you start to transform your health and wellbeing. We must remember that our emotional health is integral to our physical health. We are amazing and complex machines. Everything is interconnected. Systematic Kinesiology provides a way to tap into this interconnectedness to discover what it is your wonderful machine needs to be happier and healthier!

Our body is our sanctuary. Look after it and love it.

Cellular Memory and Emotions

Our DNA is a microchip that not only carries all your biological information; it also carries your psychological information. Emotions are imprinted in our cellular memory – thoughts, traumas, accidents and illnesses they are all recorded in out DNA.

The Cellular Memory is a bio-computer that influences our relationship with everything. It affects the way we perform routine tasks, how we react to stressors and how we handle emotional challenges in our day to day lives. Stored within our Cellular Memory are all conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviours. Sometimes we experience physical issues as old cellular memories surfacing. It is their way of ‘calling’ to be cleared.

According to Candace Pert, former Chief of the Section of Brain Biochemistry of the Clinical Neuroscience Branch at the National Institute of Mental Health, “repressing emotions can only be causative of disease. Failure to find effective ways to express negative emotions causes you to ‘stew in your own juices.’”

No longer can we ignore the fact the emotional toxicity is playing a major role in our wellbeing. A state of health and happiness is our birth right. In order to regain and maintain it, it is important to be in balance, emotionally as well physically.

As a Systematic Kinesiologist, I am trained to help release stressful emotions, traumas, negative thought patterns and behaviours that are causing us to behave in ways that are holding us back from living in full brightness. Negative energy is trapped in our Cellular Memory and we must aim to remove and release it if we are to move forward and live full, healthy, energised, peaceful, happy lives.

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