Case studies

Releasing Fears and Phobias– sharing with permission from my dear friend and client.

A dear friend had been suffering from a fear/phobia of flying for the past 5 years. It had become such a big problem and worry for her as one of her daughters has moved to the USA. My friend has been planning to visit her daughter but the stress of making such a long flight has been hard for her to manage emotionally.
To prepare herself for this long journey she decided to book a holiday to Italy first and test how she coped with that flight. We prepared her for this italian trip using a kinesiology technique called, “Emotional Stress Release, (ESR Program)”

However, before using the ESR program, it was important for me to ensure that she was also physically in balance in order to benefit fully from this powerful technique. It required 3 balancing sessions before I felt she was strong enough to do that, as working on emotions can be overwhelming as well as empowering. During the ESR program session, she felt very shaky at times but she managed to release the stress she was holding back in the body and seeing clearly the fear for what it was. We gave the fear a name and rationalised it.

Upon her return from Italy my friend sent me this message:  “You are a success!”
The beauty of kinesiology is that it empowers the client because as a therapist I will only take you where the higher intelligence of your body/spirit will allow me.  It is not the practitioner who tells you what to do, the practitioner just acts as a facilitator.