What is empowerment? Empowerment is loving ourselves for what we are, amazing human beings living in an incredible world through very difficult times. Empowerment is taking responsibility for our life, the choices we make, our happiness and above all our health.

To my personal expense, I discovered that health does not carry a price tag. I remember, what it seems a very long time ago, feeling tired all the time and my quality of life suffered quite badly. At the time I did not know much better, it did not even cross my mind to question the fact that at 35 I was constantly exhausted, it was part of life.

We are all so used to seek medical or alternative help when we are already not well. All this could be almost avoided if we took some preventative steps. Being healthy does not only involve having a good diet and regular exercises; it involves taking care of your soul as much as your body.

Being responsible for our well-being is not only something we owe to ourselves, we owe it also to the people we love and care of us. Sometimes, I still need to remind myself what if I fall ill again? How would this affect the life of my husband, my family and the friends who do care for me?.

Taking responsibilities for our lives may be daunting and at times not easy; however the reward of feeling in charge of your life cannot be monetary measured.

I feel honoured I was introduced to Kinesiology. It helped me transforming my body and while my body was getting stronger, I was able to face some of the emotional baggage I had been carrying for a long time.

In order to live life in full it is important we are in balance; body ā€“ mind ā€“ soul. Body and mind are not separated, if your mind and heart are hurt, then that hurt will show in your body.



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