One year on


It all started a weekend back in 2015 when I decided to continue with my studies of Kinesiology.

I have always loved studying so it did not come as a surprise to those who have known me long enough. However, it was a surprise when the following Christmas I anticipated to friends that I had made the decision to leave the City to embark on the journey of running my own practise as a Kinesiologist. On March 31st,  2016, I walked out the office and left behind 15 years of City Corporate world.

I do not remember how I felt that evening, though I remember well the birds singing in the park the day I resigned 5 weeks before.

I had always been a planner, good organiser and someone who needed security and stability. I had no idea of was expecting me; I simply followed my dreams and my heart.

A year on, I am still living the dream. Waking up and not having to rush to the train station but instead go to a meeting or to a client has a total different taste. It is about you, your practise, your own personal empowerment and life.

Has it been easy? In fairness, no! and at times it is still very daunting.

One day you have a salary and the next one you are your own boss; I never sat down thinking what this would really mean. It means that you have to totally reinvent yourself and getting creative, your own professional knowledges are not sufficient to run a business. You have to learn how to manage your time, the first few months I found myself procrastinating and allocating the wrong amount of time to various activities, which put me in the situation of over-running in everything.

I had never done budgeting (except for personal finances), marketing and networking; all activities very much necessary to run a proper business. At a point, I was so confused that I did not even have the clarity to whom and what type of help I could ask.

To make things even worse, I lost in very traumatic circumstances, the person who gave me a second choice in life; my foster mother Sofia. The truth is that I reached a point where I had to close most doors, contacts and social relationships in order to preserve the little energies left and try to move on in life. Slowly, with patience and self-love I moved on and despite the wound still very much open, I managed to come up for air again.

However, my deepest thanks go to the friends who were there with their love and support and to my amazing Athena’s fellow members. This amazing group of women in business, all with  different type of businesses, personal stories and expertises,  have given me so much strength and support and allowing me to take control of the my practise once more; I will never be able to say thank you enough or express how important their support has been.

A year on and the road is still tortuous, security is not achieved yet, there is still so much to learn and experience. However, I am still living the dream and despite the ups and downs and the difficulties I would do everything again. Sometimes, a bit of craziness is what we in need life!!



11 thoughts on “One year on

  1. That’s such a great story Barbara. Keep doing what you’re doing. I can identify with much of what you have experienced in terms of having to do everything. But as you say, we wouldn’t change it !!

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  2. Thank you for sharing Barbara, I find myself in exactly the same position now that you were in a year ago. Whilst our businesses are completely different the feelings, fears and hopes are the same. Wishing you continued success in all you do!

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  3. Well done you Barbara and the story has only just begun, I just know it will devlop over the coming years and will watch with pride. Thank you also for the mention of us your fellow Athena members.

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    1. Samina thank you. I think life and the holistic world had taught me that there is nothing more important of being honest with myself. Every Time I have tried something different, away from who I truly am, did not work.


  4. Barbara. We have always known you would one day find your path of life… I think you found it now and I am so very proud of you. So is Sofia. I am so very sure of this ❤️

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